Resources on improving user experiences (UX) for artificial intelligence (AI) with regard to ethics, diversity and inclusion are compiled here. These resources are primarily related to machine learning, but can be used for any technologies.

I’ll continue to add to this as I accumulate more.

Updated: December 11, 2020

Curiosity Activating UX Activities

Abusability Testing: UX in the Age of Abusability. The role of Composition, Collaboration, and Craft in building ethical products.
By Dan Brown. Sep 18, 2018.

Abusability Testing: Article describing the Abusability Testing workshop organized by Anna Abovyan, Theora Kvitka and Allison Cosby of the Pittsburgh IxDA Chapter for World Interaction Design…

The Information Architecture Summit 2018 this past March in Chicago was wonderful. This week I had the opportunity to share my experience with my colleagues at Uber, and so I’m sharing it here as well. Search with the hashtag #ias18 on Twitter to find even more great content and discussion.

Stuart Maxwell (Twitter: @stumax) welcomed us to the conference with a challenging talk about the problems we face as information architects.

Anne Petersen (Twitter: @petersen) quoted him on Twitter:

“The field is deep and wide, and the problems are fascinating and wicked…” Stuart Maxwell #ias18

Digital + Physical: Designing Integrated Product Experiences

Bill Horan (Twitter: @billhoran) presented…

My adventure with the IBM Health Corps which began nearly one year ago, continued with a workshop for the harmonization of cancer treatment guidelines in Uganda. I extended the trip to include talks and additional research, making this an exceptionally productive (and fun) trip.

Here are the highlights of the UX work I did and I also published my personal reflections on Africa.

Workshop at Nairobi Design Institute

Nairobi Design Institute is a new design school in Nairobi, Kenya whose goal is “educating the next generation of designers” for Africa. I led a half day workshop on user research and usability testing for the students…

A year ago I only dreamed of going to Africa — and now I was making my second trip to Africa with the IBM Health Corps team! I had planned to do a talk at Nairobi University the day after I arrived, but as my trip grew closer I learned that they had closed the university due to potential violence related to the contested elections occurring in Kenya the week before my trip (that drama is still unfolding — the results were overturned and elections will be held again). …

Further thoughts on “A Turn of Phrase: The Politics of UX Language,” an article I wrote that was published in the April, 2017 Politics and Design issues of UX Magazine by the UXPA.

Let’s talk about politics.

  • What UX concepts and methods do you rename to gain a shared understanding with non-UX folk?
  • When have you pushed language too far and had negative repercussions from renaming a method or concept?
  • When have you been successful in describing your work using UX jargon?
  • When have clients/stakeholders been caught in misunderstandings about your work?

Persona Purists

The word persona, and the concept in general, are a major point of contention in the UX and design world and I won’t discuss this issue in depth here. Suffice it to say that persona purists (like me) believe that if…

What do these three concepts have in common? A lot! They came together during the Universal Design Today conference where I was a keynote speaker this past week. The conference was held in my hometown of Charleston, WV and was co-organized with CreateWV. While not my typical crowd, this was an engaging conference with a passionate set of attendees. Please check out the conference program to learn more about my co-presenters.

Wikipedia defines universal design as a broad-spectrum idea meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities.

What is your home’s visitability?

Marching towards hope.
Signs of truth, love, inclusion.
Of democracy working.

Yoga class in warmth.
Chinese lanterns swaying
in winter’s bitter wind.

Glory light calling:
Come away with me. Freedom.
Beauty. Calling me.

Overwhelmed. Consumed.
Visceral. Shifting. Alive.
Love remains intact.

I’ve worked with Agile projects for over half of my 16 year UX career and with each new team and situation I continue to learn new things and face different challenges. This past week I presented “Making Faster UX in an Agile World” at the Heart of Agile Conference here in Pittsburgh, PA. That presentation drew on the lessons I’ve learned, tutorials I’ve taught with wonderful collaborators on the topics of UX and Agile as well as seminal works on the topic.

The four primary actions that need to occur to enable teams to be successful in integrating UX are:

I just returned from two busy and incredible weeks of Design Research for IBM Health Corps in partnership with the American Cancer Society and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). There is too much to put into one blog post, so I’m sharing highlights.

Clinic Visit

The first part of the trip was spent in Kampala, Uganda where I visited with oncologists, pharmacists and students in a learning hospital. My goal was to learn more about how these professionals treat cancer in Sub-Saharan African settings.

There are many reasons why access to cancer treatment can be limited in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the…

When I travel for work I frequently need to print something out for reference during a talk, a handout for the audience or an interview guide (yes I always use a guide). Unfortunately, printing documents at the hotel is typically a tortuous task. Unless the hotel has a FedEx/Kinko’s I find the process rarely works well. I’ve learned to expect to need at least 30 minutes to print even one single sheet of paper. It is almost always difficult and overly time consuming, but when I need words on a page it is a necessary evil.

When I attended IA…

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