Design Research: Treating Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa

I just returned from two busy and incredible weeks of Design Research for IBM Health Corps in partnership with the American Cancer Society and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). There is too much to put into one blog post, so I’m sharing highlights.

Clinic Visit

The first part of the trip was spent in Kampala, Uganda where I visited with oncologists, pharmacists and students in a learning hospital. My goal was to learn more about how these professionals treat cancer in Sub-Saharan African settings.


We spent two days at Amboseli National Park is located in Loitoktok District, in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. What a lovely break to visit with an incredible array of animals. I still cannot believe our luck in seeing so many animals. Elephants, zebras, gazelle, lions(!), monkeys and more. Mt. Kilimanjaro was an ever present, and impressive backdrop to our adventures. While we were only there for the weekend, I can safely say that is all you need (given great weather and incredible luck with animal sightings).

Baby elephant following older elephant at Amboseli.

Design Thinking Workshop

Once we arrived in Nairobi, Kenya it was time for me to lead a design thinking workshop with oncologists. It was wonderful to work so closely with these physicians and to work to understand the problems they are facing on a daily basis in treating cancer. I look forward to using these experiences to support the IBM Health Corp teams to ensure that we are making great experiences for our partners.

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