Universal Design, Internet of Caring Things and Cognitive Computing

What do these three concepts have in common? A lot! They came together during the Universal Design Today conference where I was a keynote speaker this past week. The conference was held in my hometown of Charleston, WV and was co-organized with CreateWV. While not my typical crowd, this was an engaging conference with a passionate set of attendees. Please check out the conference program to learn more about my co-presenters.

Wikipedia defines universal design as a broad-spectrum idea meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities.

What is your home’s visitability?

Prioritizing Broadband in Rural and Small Cities

Internet of Caring Things and Taking on New Collars

In the talk I introduced a set of qualities that the Internet of Caring Things should aspire to convey (initially inspired by this list):

  • Commitment — Available, reliable, strong values and purpose
  • Conscientious — Considers privacy issues, ethics and represents individual’s concerns
  • Competent — knowledgeable about what we expect them to know
  • Compassionate — Friendly, shows caring
  • Confident — Empowering people, enabling freedom
  • Context — Understands the current situation (e.g. when it is OK to interrupt)
  • Content — Provides relevant information and is engaging
  • Connected — Provides access to people (with similar interests, right professionals
  • Cognitive — Uses knowledge to solve problems, is a helper, personalized, smart and usable

I urged the audience to take on new collar work (@ibmibv) and encouraged those around them to begin learning about cognitive computing to harness the power and to lead in the creation of the Internet of Caring Things.

Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Computing

Again, I encouraged the audience to learn about these tools, and to not fear them. By partnering with others they can begin building tools to help their communities and create jobs that will keep people in the rural and small cities.

There were many more topics discussed and I encourage you to keep an eye on the Universal Design Today conference site as the proceedings are shared.

UX Leader, speaker and community organizer. My thoughts on user research, design, AI and more. Provoking human values in AI.

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